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Welcome to the Hasty Paste docs.

What Is A Hasty Paste?

It is a place to quickly paste some text and share it. Mostly used for sharing debug logs and such to help developers provide tech support. The project aims to be both fast and minimal.


  • Quickly paste and save, to share some text
  • Publicly accessible, no auth needed
  • Randomly generated id's, optional "long" id to reduce brute force attacks
  • Add expiring pastes
  • Dark theme
  • Optional syntax highlighting
  • No JavaScript needed
  • Uses minimal resources
  • Pick your file system
  • Custom flat-file system
  • :construction: S3 objects
  • Caching (Internal & Redis)
  • Lightweight Docker image (uses Alpine Linux)


Showcase Image

Why Is It Called "Hasty Paste"?

The name was chosen not because the project is written badly, but because you use it so fast without a care in the world and "Fast Paste" was already taken!