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Enchanted Code


Personal Profile

I am a student currently studying Computer Science at Canterbury Christ Church University. I am looking to start a career in the computing sector. I have a wide experience of different programming languages and software/operating systems. I am always trying to stay up to date with new features and improving my skill set by creating my own open-source applications. I enjoy working on my own or as part of a team. I am able to take lead when required and can work under pressure.


2020 - Current

Canterbury Christ Church University – BSc (Hons) Computer Science

2018 - 2020

The Canterbury Academy – A-Level  
Computer Science B
Photography B
ITC (BTEC) Distinction

2013 - 2018

The Canterbury Academy – GCSE  
Computer Science 8
Resistant Materials (NCFE) Distinction
Science 4/5
Maths 4
English 4
Photography 4

Technical Skills

  • Competent in several languages: Python3, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Basic Knowledge of C#, C, C++
  • Basic Knowledge of Docker and Docker-Compose
  • Experience with using various operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Experience with computer hardware
  • Experience with computer networking and server management

Work History

Apr 2017 – Work Experience, C May Motors, CT1 3SE

  • Worked as a team to complete customer repairs on vehicles.
  • Developed time keeping skills in always being punctual at the start of the day.
  • Used computer diagnostics in relation to the work.
  • Given extra trust to collect parts from the local motor factors on my own.
  • Suggested ways in improving the office computer system which the owner found useful.


  • Team leader for university group assignment, I issued tasks, arranged meetings, and oversaw the final written report.
  • As well as leading a project, I can also work as a team member; as I have recently completed a group programming project.
  • I have previously found that I am quite adaptable within a team to take on tasks that I wouldn’t normally do, for example, during my work experience I worked in a garage to repair vehicles.
  • During part of Sixth Form, I was a teaching assistant for one of the year 10s computer science class where I helped individual students with programming problems; which helped improve my communication skills.
  • I participated on open evening for computer science demonstrating the subject to new pupils and parents.
  • I found that I enjoyed helping people so, I created a website that is designed to help beginners at programming,
  • I constantly try to improve my programming knowledge by developing open-source applications using modern technologies, for example using asynchronous programming instead of multi-threaded in Python3. These projects are available on my GitHub account
  • I am the network/server admin for my home network, where I run my own services.


I have written an online note taking application called note-mark, which allows for markdown style notes. I have also written an application specifically for my family this being a “Home Terminal System” that allows for registering items in a freezer, storing photography events in a photo manager, reminders and an inventory manager to keep track of where important items are around the house.

As well as developing open-source applications, I also enjoy building/modifying my own computer when it needs an upgrade or something needs replacing. I also enjoy tinkering with hardware using Microcontrollers and soldering, I made an automatic watering system for the garden which keeps important plants watered when required.

Apart from computer programming. I enjoy cycling and sometimes go walking in the Lake District. I am also a member of the National Trust. These are all places where I like to go and take photographs, which is my other passion, these are uploaded to my Instagram account @leo_photography_uk. I enjoy entering photography competitions, which challenges my creative thinking. I have been awarded joint 2nd place in the Lord Mayors photography competition and I was also a runner up in the Herne Bay Rotary Club competition.